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Quest American Invitational *LINK*

Posted By: Sherman@Quest
Date: Monday, 1 May 2006, at 2:07 p.m.

This weekend was AWESOME!! Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and the lifting. In our early session, * Ervin Gainer had a nice tune-up before Nationals. * Doc Holloway had a PR 578 American Record DL and a PR 1,366 American Record total. Doc had some equipment issues in his squat or he would have been all over 1,400. * Caleb Williams, at 21 years old and 148 pounds, came up with an easy 705 squat and was downed 2 to 1 on depth and the jury table was split too. Caleb then went on to smoke a 468 bench. How many people at 21 years old have hit a triple-bodyweight bench in a single ply shirt?! UNBELIEVABLE!! Some big numbers are going to fall in the near future for this phenom.

The middle weights were insane. We had back to back to back world records attempts in the squat, by Conyers, Austin & Hooper. I have never seen this in a USAPL contest. * Wade Hooper hit another world record squat this time it was 750.5. Seems like Wade breaks the world record squat every year. I think Wade will squat 770+ this year. He went on the bench 507 and locked out 518, which would have been a new world record, but had a slight uneven extension. UNBELIEVABLE!! * Tony Conyers came up from Florida and did what he always does Ė Just bring it. Tony was not 100% but had told me that he was coming and was true to his word. He had a knee injury but still performed. Tony (47-year old) hit a 650 masters world record squat and missed 699. I think he would have been good for 683. Tony went on to open up his DL with 606 and casually pulled that and walked off the platform and calmly said ďI think I am good for one more. Give me the world record.Ē And went out and pulled a strong 673. INSANE!! For a masters world record total 1,763. * Dan Austin (also 47 year old) came in with thoughts of breaking one the oldest IPF world records on the books. He first broke the masters world record squat with 728. He proceeded to bench 402 and on to the DL. He had an easy opener and then went to 705 for a second. That was a joke. And there were some people calling for the world record at this point but Dan wanted to break the open American record first so he took 745. The bar was coming up and he seemed to lose his balance near the top and fell backward. A legend in his own time. It was an honor to watch this multi-time world champion perform. * Mike Mastrean came down from Pittsburg with one thing in mind to get the long-standing 220 American Squat record and did he ever. Mike squats were all explosive. Opening with 771 on to 815 for a new American record and then took 832 and looked good for 850. Mike finished strong with a PR total of 2,016.

The heavyweights went on Sunday and it was the Brian Siders show. Last year a few injuries prevented Brian from lifting to his potential. Brian was primed for a big one and he didnít disappoint. A nice 970 American Record squat to start with, and on to a new world record bench of 773!! Everybody knows Brianís capabilities in the squat and bench and these numbers were not surprising. What was surprising to a lot of people was Brianís DL. A lot of strongman training and a Coan DL video had something to do with this. Thanks, Ed! Brian opened with 771 DL, it was effortless, on to 804, too EZ!! 832 next and it was a JOKE. There were people at the meet that had seen Brian lift many times and everybody commented how his DL form had improved. I think he was good for over 850.

9 World records in all and close to 20 American records. WHAT WILL HAPPEN NEXT YEAR?!!

Got to go now but will post later to thank all the people involved and especially the sponsors.

Good luck to Dave Cosnotti with your meet this weekend and all the lifters.




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