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USAPL Nationals *LINK*

Posted By: Sherman@Quest
Date: Thursday, 13 July 2006, at 4:54 p.m.

We had some big weights lifted this past weekend at Nationals. Ervin Gainer (114) got his spot on the world team as usual. Doc Holloway came in with aspirations of a 600 DL. His squat was easy and with a new PR on his bench. Doc was primed for a big DL. 573 came up real strong and it looked like 600+ was easily there. 606 was loaded for Doc to take a shot at the highest IPF American total ever at 123, but it wasnít to be.

Hennis Washington was not at 100% but fought off a strong Eric Kupperstein to win the 132 class. 148 belonged to Caleb Williams (the Shark). Calebís squats were strong. 694 on his third attempt was definitely not a max effort. Had a little issue with his equipment on his first bench attempt. He came back and pushed up a very strong 473 on a third. Many people commented though on how well his DL looked. 556 in a snap, 584 the same thing. 622 for the junior world record total, the bar was coming up quick and strong but right at the top, he lost his grip. 1751 which breaks the long-standing record of Anthony Conyers which has stood for over 10 years. UNBELIEVABLE!!

Wade Hooper dominated as usual. World record squat 755, world record bench 534 and an easy 600 DL. If not for a second attempt DL, where the bar had powder on it, which caused Wade to lose his grip. 622 was in his plans for a new world record total.

At 181, Dave Ricks had a PR day of 1901. Todd Straub hit the qualifying total and looked good in his new weight class. Greg Jones took 198. Jason Beck took 220s. Jason was not at 100% but still totaled a great 2077.

In 242 group, Tony Harris got injured again in his squat and almost still came out as a winner, with a stiff-legged DL 750. Nick Tylucki pulled a huge PR DL to beat Tony on bodyweight. Tony Cardella at 275 squatted 821 easy and pulled a huge 804 for a new PR total 2243.

Brian Siders came in a little nicked and it showed in his squat. Took three to get one in. Brian looked strong in his benches but had a few technical issues. All Brianís DL were strong and easy, 859 for a new PR and a new national record total of 2524.

I also wanted to comment on some of the guys that lifted and helped at this meet on different teams. Niko was unbelievable, helping on Friday & Saturday, coaching and helping his Garage Ink Team. Awesome to see someone put so much into helping others and turning around on Sunday and lifting big!! Great job, Niko!! The guys from PowerPlant were awesome too, helping each other and lifting big as well. Good to see!!

The guys that help our Quest Team are James Townsend, Doc, WADE (!!), Jane, Christy, Ashley, and Kim, were all great help!! James Townsend helped many people including lifters on other teams, as always. James gets it done as always!

One thing that I think needs to be addressed is the SHORT period of time the lifters are given between the squat and bench when there is one flight only. How can somebody be expected to get their squat suit off and warm up for bench, to be able to know if the bench opener is good or not. Basically you are asking somebody who squats towards the end of the flight to get their squat suit off, do 3 or 4 sets of raw warm ups, and then put their bench shirt on, and hit one or two in the shirt in about 10 minutes. THIS IS NOT ENOUGH TIME! You have to change your opener 5 minutes before the flight starts. I spoke with Larry Maile about this right before the 220s benched: and what happened?! We had 3 people, powerlifting veterans at nationals, Tylucki, Mann and Succarotte go 1 for 9. These shirts are getting so advanced that with this limited amount of time, you are gambling. Tylucki and Mann are two of the most consistent lifters when it comes to making attempts, 1 for 6, something is wrong here. There were other individuals that have been to many nationals and a former multi-time world champion that bombed out in the bench.

Sherman @ Quest



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