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Keystone Games Results *LINK*

Posted By: Niko Hulslander
Date: Sunday, 30 July 2006, at 7:36 p.m.

Hey Folks!
First of all I want to Thank everyone who came out to compete at the Keystone Games this year! Each year this contest grows in numbers and the close compettion this year was really exciting as well! Thank you to Claude Welcome, His daughter, Amy and wife, Karen for all their hard work supporting these games and setting up this contest! Fridays portion of the Games saw 14 High School athelets go at it! Some big numbers were done by these young lifters! Saturday saw the Open and Master lifters go at it! The Keystone Games is a nice place where new lifters and experienced lifters come together to share the excitement of lifting in an Olympic type festival. It's awesome to see that when the powerlifting starts that the crowds move from other sports like Fencing, Volleyball, and Basketball, (which are held close by); they come over to watch the heavy iron moved!!! And move it did on Saturday!

Here are some numbers that I recall, most of which are from Garage Ink team memebers. Nona Hubbard pulled a nice 308 DL at 148lbs, Cathy Cooper pulled a very easy 264 DL, Peter Hubbard Benched a nice RAW PR and then just missed a 319 Bench with his shirt on. One of my training clients, Trip Ragland; who has had a 9 month lay off from lifting came out to see where his hard work has gotten him. He went 6 for 6 ending with an easy 181 Bench and an also easy 380 DL. Trip came to me May 15th and said he wanted to start competing again. Well, I think we'll have another 200 bencher and 400 puller to add to the Garage Ink board real soon! Here comes the Big Boys! Jere "Ego Killer" Hess went head to head with his team mate Scott Davenport in the 198's. Scott benched a fine 385 to Jere's PR 336! That was a 22 pound PR for Jere! Scott finished with a 490 pull on his second, just missing a 507 at the top. Jere made up the 50 pound deficit in quick fashion as he went 501, 540, then a HUGE PR 562 !!!! Tom Getsinger Benched a Big 429 PR and "Got His Attitude On" during the deadlift and smoked an easy PR of 573 @ 220!
Some other Big lifts were turned in by young Ursinus Football stand out Keith Lynn. He benched a new PR of 391 pounds. 400 is just around the corner for this youngster! Brian Keener from Seven Valleys, PA rolled up a nice PR Bench and pulled a big 622 RAW Deadlift @ a light 242. Big Bill Lobin of Altoona cma e to open with an easy 507 bench, then had shirt difficulties with 534, and 551.

It was great to see so many USAPL star lifters come to this contest and promote the drug free lifting to those who were first time lifters. As well, it was great to see so many new faces! I think we will hit between 40-50 lifters next year! It just keeps getting some good crowd responce as well as publicity from local TV and newspapers! The lifters really seemed thrilled to be interviewed by the reporters! In todays York Daily Record, there was already pictures of lifters and a news article on Amy Welcome.

Thanks to all the Keystone Games volunteers, the spotters and loaders, and the judges, it made for a very good weekend. I hope all had a great time; I know I did. I can't wait for next year as this contest is really getting to become a fun filled and exciting event!

Take care!
Niko Hulslander

Garage Ink


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