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Idaho State Meet -Prelim Report

Posted By: Sean Anderson
Date: Sunday, 20 November 2005, at 3:16 p.m.

We just held our 15th annual Idaho State championship under USAPL sanction. I am now the State Chair and since I am competing at the National level I opt not to compete in these local or state meets but instead do whatever I can to help the lifters as head referee and as a
meet official. I opened the Rules Briefing with the announcement that this was also the business meeting for the Idaho State USAPL lifters and invited others interested in serving as State Chair to put their names forward for an election if they desired. No one stepped forward and so I remain State Chair for another year.

We had a modest sign-up - only around 25 as opposed to 40 or so in other years. The same was also true of out May meet - and I and other state USAPL officials are wondering why there is such a falling off in competitors attending. We have some competition from the WABDL meets, which have drawn away all of the Utah lifters and some Idaho lifters. But I am wondering if this is really a local problem and actually more of a national problem. Anyhow I am planning to do more work as State Chair contacting people and schools to try to promote powerlifting in Idaho.

Three women lifters came from out of state seeking to qualify for Women's Nationals as well as one from in-state. Three male lifters qualified for Men's Masters Nationals and at least one man qualified for Men's Opens. The three qualifying for Men's Masters included Sam Schultz, a 275 lifter from Idaho who works in Oregon; Dave McCarthy, a previous Masters Nationals competitor in the 165 class who works as a probation officer from Missoula, Montana, and who has survived cancer two times: and also 64 year old Bud Bower from Spokane - who has been to Masters Worlds twice and survived cancer once. Bud was first place in M5 198 lifters in the 2004 Men's Masters Nationals. He was thinking about 'retiring' from powerlifting until I printed off the USAPL rankings for 2003 and 2004 in which in both of which he was first place and also the results from the 2005 World Masters meet in which he would have topped the best M3 198 lifter. Those stats should keep him coming back for more . . .

Matt and Brian Riedy from Oregon came and did very well. I only learned at this meet that their father was an Olympic Gold Medalist in OL Weightlifting way back in the 1970s or so. Matt had the highest total of any lifter there with 1665 total however Joel Legard had the highest placing by coefficient at a body weight of 198 and was the overall best male lifter. Three people set out-of-state records in their home states and four women qualified for Womens Nationals.

For lifters and spotters and loaders there was free food - bananas, pizza, sandwiches, tacos, burritoes, as well as sports drinks and also
a keg of Miller Light (only for those 21 and above). THIS IS A MEET THAT TREATS LIFTERS LIKE ROYALTY! ! ! There were also numerous door prizes for lifters including entire crates of ABB protein drinks and shakes. I got a card for 10 free "fake bake" spray-on tans at some local 'tannery.' We had three National Referees and one State Referee and meet organizers gave honoraria totaling $200 to the refs to acknowledge their service and commitment to powerlifting and to our meets. Titan Support Systems gave gifts of certificates for shirts, suits and wraps through their northwest sales representative, Priscilla Ribic, who came also to coach two of her trainees who were competing.

Our next meet will be the Rocky Mountain States regional meet to be scheduled for the weekend preceeding the Memorial Day weekend. Once it is sanctioned I will post links for the Meet Notice and Registration. Hope to see more of you there!

Best Wishes and a Happy Thanksgiving!

Sean Anderson


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