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Women's Nationals: Update *LINK*

Posted By: Paul Fletcher, Women's Nationals Feb 16,17,18
Date: Saturday, 13 January 2007, at 2:22 p.m.

Women's Nationals is just over a month away. I hope that many of you are enjoying the Women's Nationals web site by Lea Hendrix. She is very talented and I am very thankful that she is sharing her talents with this event.

Robert Keller is doing a great job of coordinating the referees schedule. Robert is a top notch meet promoter and quality Tech Secretary. You all will be in good hands with Robert.

Gina Stepleton, Women's Committee Chair, has been communicating with me throughout the last few months to assure that we have all in place.

Joe Marksteiner will bring his World Class scoring program which is very spectator and lifter friendly. It will be beamed up in the venue via infocus machine. Results will be printed and posted to the web site each afternoon.

You can exepect a large warm-up room (5,000 square feet). I am guessing that it is one of the largest warm-up rooms in the country/world. It will be furnished with 4 Combo/ER rack stations. Each with it's own weight trees and 3/4" rubber matting and carpeted for good footing. Chalk bowls, water, and a baby powder tarp. I will also be working on having a live feed into the warm-up room. An ER rack will be in the equipment check room through out the entire event. You can take your rack heights in the squat and bench press at anytime during the competition as you arrive.

I am working on changing the lifting venue set-up to make it more lifter and spectator friendly. I am planning on "pushing the lifting platform" more central in the venue and bringing the wrapping area out of the warm-up room (to help avoid/decrease any congestion issues). The Expediter table will be raised from the ground and located behind the lifting platform. This will allow me to have spectator seating in front of AND on both sides of the lifting platform. The jury table will be located opposite the lifters wrapping area and in clear view of the platform. You can also expect quality lifting music.

There will be many quality referees on hand including: Robert Keller, Johnny Graham, Jack Marcus, Billy Keel, George Barotti, Wade Hooper, Gregory Page, Lynette Lopez, Gerry Chidester, Billy Callihan, etc.

The hotel is now at 330 room nights over the entire event. The hotel will very likely max out this week. The room block will lift and open to anyone on a first-come-first-serve basis (and Mardi Gras is expected to bring in a crowd to this area that weekend). The special room rate of $89.00 plus tax will lift this week and the regular rate of $139.00 may be appplied. Please reserve your rooms. You can cancel a reservation but it is not possible to get the special rate once the block is lifted. Let me know if you all have had any problems when reserving rooms.

Don't forget to call the hotel shuttle before you depart. Complimentary shuttle to and from the Baton Rouge Airport is available upon request. Contact the hotel's transportation coordinator at (225) 930-0150.

All lifter's will get a coach's pass for the session they you lift in. A weekend spectator pass will be $25.00. Daily admission will be $10.00. There will be team awards. Team Entry fees will be $50.00 per team entered. All lifters will recieve a free t-shirt and lifter's pass when they arrive. I am also working on a powerpoint presentation that will roll through all of the lifters bio's that were posted on the Women's Nationals Web Site.

If you are lifting please be sure that you have it in the mail. The deadline was this weekend.

See you all in Baton Rouge,
Paul Fletcher
Meet Director

Women's Nationals Web Site


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