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For the record - Regina is evil

Posted By: Garry Holmen
Date: Thursday, 8 February 2007, at 6:25 a.m.

Okay so I got my fusion deadlift suit finally. You all know that feeling when new gear arrives and you get jittery like a kid at Xmas? LOL

I pull it out and you can instantly feel the difference over the MaxDL. So I have to put it on. My wife is giving me that weird look as I strip down and pull on this new suit. What dear? Isn't the dining room for powerlifting equipment?

It goes on easily. I was disappointed. Every other suit I've put on easily and was comfortable in sucked. Oh well deadlift day in 2 days will tell the tale.

Deadlift day. A cold snowy day of suffering. My back is tight already and protesting being awake. Almost called it a day because I knew I didn't have it that morning physically. But the new suit beckoned.

60kgx3 - suit still comfortable. Not fully seated, straps down
100kgx2 - I can start feeling my back already. I need to find a garbage can to fall out of and make excuses.
145kgx2 - Did I mention this day sucked yet?
185kgx1 - Seat the suit a bit more by hanging on the smith machine. I don't know how much more I have in me today.

225kgx1 - Straps up. Seat suit. Pull the legs up like aunt Reggie hinted at. Pull easy but hunched forward. Damn that hurt! I thought marathon suits cut you in half when pulling! This is the 2nd coming just with bad ass fabric. I hate Regina now. How can she inflict pain on me like this? Good news is I don't feel the pain of my back any more.

255kgx1 - Regina said set up. Walk the feet together more and pull when set. Again awkward as hell. Okay I have to pull the legs down. I don't care what Regina hints are. She obviously hates me and all men too.

275kgx1 - Legs pulled down so I don't feel like I am being cut in half at the groin. Set up like I normally do. Grab the bar. Pull down to set position. Boom. Easy pull.

Little pain and the easiest I've pulled 275kg ever. Didn't even tax my back with which I could barely pull 185kg with.

I love this suit. I hate Regina.


PS: If you order a suit ask for longer straps in my opinion. You can always sew them to the best length. It's difficult to add material. I'ld love to have another .5" on the straps. I'm stuck trying to stretch this Rage material. Wish me luck.


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