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Quest American Invitational

Posted By: Sherman@Quest
Date: Friday, 27 April 2007, at 10:36 a.m.

Quest American Invitational 2007

We had the Quest American Invitational 2007 this past weekend and there was some great lifting. Jeremy Scruggs came in and hit a tune-up before Menís, and had a nice 490 deadlift at 123. Doc Holloway had moved from 123 to 132 and put on an awesome show. Doc hit a huge PR squat of 567 and benched 341 and a 589 deadlift with a close miss at 608 which would have been a new American record DL. This gave Doc a new American record total of 1499. Docís lifts were all clean and easy. Only his last DL attempt was missed on balance at the top. Watch for big things from Doc this year!

Tony Conyers came from Florida this year again. He hit a nice 655 squat for a new Masterís record. He was a little off on his bench and pull but had a good meet all together. Tony had hit a raw meet a few weeks earlier that might have affected his performance.

At 181, Wade Hooper lifted at a light 170 pounds. Wade had some balance issues in the squat which took away the American record attempt. But he benched an American record 512. Wade always seems to break records at each competition. We are expecting big things out of Wade at 165 this year at nationals. His training numbers have been crazy and Iím sure he will bounce back and have great performance.

At 198, we had a battle between John Pena from Arizona and Dan Williams from Wisconsin. Dan is a young guy with a lot potential. John squatted 694 and Dan squatted 705. Dan came up with an easy 727 but was caught on depth. John ended up with some shirt issues and changed his shirt and put up 501 on his third. Dan benched a PR 446. John was leading coming into the deadlift and Dan opened with 684 Ö nice. John pulled 600 for a 1796 total at 198. Dan had a couple of attempts of over 720 that didnít quite go and ended up totaling 1835.

Then came the Mike Mastrean show! Mike had moved up to 242. His opening squat was 832 which was a crazy number. It was easy but was caught on depth. He then jumped to 861 for a new American record. His set up was a little shaky, but got it in. On to 887 and it was the best lift of the day. It was very explosive and deep. Everybody in the audience was in awe. On the bench, he opened with a clean 490 then went to 512, on to 534. all strong benches for Mike. Then it was time to deadlift. Second attempt was 733 for a new American record total. A very strong lift for an American record total of 2154. On to 755, for a total of 2176 Ė a new American record total. This squat record and total record were some of the oldest records on the books Ė over 15 years old. Mike handled these weights easily and looks primed for the Nationals.

Tony Cardella came in with some impressive PRs. He was a little bit under the weather but lifted great. Tonyís 843 last squat attempt was easy. He had a little issue with 600 on the Bench and ended up with 578. On the deadlift. He opened with 705 and it was easy. Second attempt 771 was another easy one. Then on to a PR 815 for a total of 2237.

All together, it was a great weekend and everybody had a lot of fun. Hope to see everybody next year at the Arnold for an even better show!

Prize money will be distributed after drug results are in. Total Prize Money and Sponsorships of over $6,000 will be given to these world class powerlifters.

Sherman @ Quest


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