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Re: Message to Minnesota USAPL Lifters - State Rec

Posted By: Jason Burnell
Date: Monday, 27 April 2009, at 9:16 a.m.

In Response To: Re: Message to Minnesota USAPL Lifters - State Rec (Rich Edinger-------WebKitFormBoundaryGsyWtsinQxS+4)

"Second, do think that Madvig intentionally omitted Ms. Anderson from the meet results? No. "

I can see that happening. If the results are done on a computer, she would have to be deleted to not show up unless there was some glitch that occurred in multiple meets. If we are talking about a meet writeup to accompany the results, I can see an honest mistake happening but it is also hard to believe that a meet director would forget to mention record setting performances at a meet or meet(s) for the same person.

"Is Madvig the most meticulous person to keep track of records? No. Is there probably somebody who could do a better job? Yes. However, is there anybody who works harder or has worked harder in the USAPL in MN for the last 10 years? NO. I've been to 80% of them over the last 10 years. NOBODY HAS. THAT IS A FACT."

One thing has little to do with the other. I don't think anyone would argue that he works hard but if the records aren't being done, then someone else should have been doing them and why, given that he isn't "meticulous" or the best person for the job, according to you were they given back to him to do? Because he works hard?

From what I can see, in about 6 months, Cheryl made a number of corrections and had them updated.

"Third, I heard from 3 USAPL members/officials from MN, NONE OF WHICH WERE MADVIG AND ONE OF WHICH IS MITCH'S FRIEND , that the records, were NOT BEING kept properly AND TIMELY by Ms. Anderson. Hence, the reason, she is no longer doing them. PERHAPS ALL OF THESE PEOPLE ARE LYING TO ME? I don't know."

That is interesting. I know for a fact that Cheryl didn't get the records until 10/28/08, which coincides with his (madvig's) resignation as record keeper.

During this time, no announcement was made that Cheryl would be the new record keeper. Lifters would sent record updates to Madvig and not Cheryl. Cheryl would do the updates, forward them to the State Chair who would then forward them to.....Madvig to post.

So, Cheryl had the responsibilty for updating the records from basically November until March 31, when they were given back to Madvig.

She made the corrections and updates noted in her post, which seem fairly substantial yet lifters were never told she was the record keeper and continued to send updates to Madvig, who had resigned from the record keeping post.

I'm also certain that Cheryl requested, on more than one occasion, that lifters be told that she was the new record keeper so that they would send records to her. That didn't happen.

At some point, she realized, probably when Madvig was getting thank yous for posting records she had updated, that she was getting hosed and stopped as of sometime in February.

Here's where it gets funny - Madvig gets the job back and a post is made saying the records had been in disarray for the past 6 months. Keeping in mind that Cheryl had them for Nov, Dec, Jan, and Feb when she stopped. In that 4 months she made the corrections as noted.

I'd have to ask when the "disarray" really occured? In those 4 months or long before?

"Fourth, Members, including me, just have a problem the way she went around "AIRING" the problem especially the "look how much hard work" I put into volunteer work. Especially when she has ONLY volunteered and helped @ one local meet in MN."

Given what I've stated, how long was she supposed to just sit quietly by and get shafted?

1)Take the job but don't tell anyone to send records to you.
2) You correct the old ones and we'll send them to Madvig to post.
3) Lifters will send their updates to Madvig and when he sends them on, you update them.
4) Thanks for getting this done...... Madvig.

Does that even make sense? She was pretty much set up to fail and then when she went along with the program anyway...well, you saw the result.

"Finally, out of respect to Mitch, I and several others I personally know, have bite our tongues and not said anything for a long time. Everybody likes and respect Mitch. He is a class act."

Yeah, I like him too. He's got a quiet sarcasm and sense of humor.

" But people are just sick of the behind the scenes drama and other BS and the accusations that Madvig did something intentional just to mess with Ms. Anderson. ""

I don't buy into that line of reasoning. I know better.


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