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Need Help Masters Nationals

Posted By: Steven Mann
Date: Tuesday, 28 April 2009, at 7:38 a.m.

Hello I am bidding on the 2011 Master's Nationals. I have attached my bid. Due to financial reasons, I will not be able to travel to St. Louis to present this bid. I would appreciate true consideration for my bid and I would hope you not penalize the quality of my lifting events, due to family priorities on not being able to travel.

Click here to check out the details to my bid


Times are tough and traveling to contest is made tough. That is why I think my bid should strongly be considered.
This is my third year in a row bidding on the Master's Nationals to return to the North East USA. Over 25% of the USAPL members are from the North East and with-in 5 hours of Scranton. Other venues bidding on this event include Miami, Denver and Atlanta. This contest as you know is held in May, as far as weather, there are no concerns of weather in May, in coming to the North East.


I expect we will have an even greater turnout to this National Championship event, being folks in the North East have stopped or reduced going to Master's Nationals, with the lack of National events in the North East.

Below are the locations of the last 9 Master's Nationals
* 2009 Masters' Nationals - St. Louis, MO
* 2008 Masters' Nationals - Miami, FL
* 2007 Masters' Nationals - Milwaukee, Wisconsin
* 2006 Masters' Nationals - Killeen, Texas
* 2005 Masters' Nationals - Los Angeles, California
* 2004 Masters Nationals - Aurora, Colorado
* 2003 Masters Nationals - Baton Rouge, Louisiana
* 2002 Masters' National Championships - Charlottesville, Virginia
* 2001 Masters' National Championships - Ft. Hood, Texas


The following lifters are entered in this year's event. My understanding is there are several bids so I really can use your help with this. If you have an e-mail for any of the guys below, please forward this on.

Name Wt Class Age Div
Alex Galant 123 M5
Eric Kupperstein 132 M1
Phil Drenik 132 M3
Brian Foddrill 148 M2
Lloyd Weinstein 148 M2
Steve Lewis 148 M2
Rex Mclaren 148 M2
Paul Mears 148 M4
Jeff Jacobs 148 M5
Robert Coleman 148 M5
Mike Lawson 148 M6
Richard Nolan 148 M9
Rick Bertel 165 M1
Donovan Thompson 165 M1
John Dalessio 165 M1
Scott Lynch 165 M2
Carlos Lewis 165 M3
Kevin Bolen 165 M3
Mark Cucinella 165 M4
Bill Weinstock 165 M5
Art Menton 165 M6
Ben Brent 165 M7
Jerry Ochs 165 M7
Dan Goodwin 165 M8
Jonathan Gallneier 181 M1
Tom Scagliarini 181 M1
Ronald Legarreta 181 M1
Francis Kozub 181 M2
Ron Garofalo 181 M2
Frank Agos 181 M2
Joseph Braca 181 M2
Joel Ford 181 M2
William Kellett 181 M3
Randy Stone 181 M3
Bill Clayton 181 M4
Walter Terry 181 M4
Michael Lambur 181 M4
John Killin 181 M5
Alan Tepper 181 M5
Dan Martin 181 M6
Jimmie Espinoza 181 M6
Jim Lyons 181 M6
Michael Jarrett 198 M1
Craig Terry 198 M1
Troy Gibson 198 M1
Jerry Dally 198 M2
Scott Whiting 198 M2
Gregory Jones 198 M2
David Ricks 198 M2
David Wiley 198 M3
Gary Grahn 198 M3
Michael Bridges 198 M3
Kent Walton 198 M3
Ray Penland 198 M4
Mick Stevens 198 M4
Delvan Worley 198 M5
Fred Rice 198 M5
Jim Yakubovsky 198 M5
Jim Stoval 198 M6
Rip Stahura 198 M6
Tom O'Keefe 198 M7
Dave Quevreaux 198 M8
Ethan Zachman 198 T
John Demchak 220 M1
Joseph Whitcomb 220 M1
Scott Waits 220 M1
Rodney Wood 220 M1
John Hanson 220 M1
Doug Currence 220 M2
Julian Ulvang 220 M2
James Henderson-Coffey 220 M2
John Hare 220 M2
Bruce Thomas 220 M2
Mitch Edelstein 220 M2
Kelly Parrson 220 M3
Tim Tomjack 220 M3
James Bell 220 M3
Mark Salansky 220 M3
Larry Robinson 220 M4
Roger Silva 220 M4
Floyd Givens 220 M4
Gary Edwards 220 M4
Ralph Brown 220 M4
Steve Harms 220 M4
Ronnie Burnett 220 M5
David Clark 220 M5
John Wightman 220 M6
Al Williamson 220 M6
Raymond Curtis 220 M8
Al Fritz 242 M1
Tim Womack 242 M2
Greg Nucci 242 M2
Michael Porter 242 M2
James Harvey 242 M2
Ken Paxton 242 M2
Darrell Branson 242 M2
Jeff Douglas 242 M2
David Wolf 242 M3
Gary Pamplin 242 M3
Mark Bowen 242 M3
Steven Sobotka 242 M3
Shawn Cain 242 M3
Steve Slavens 242 M4
Bill Sindelar 242 M4
Albert Wood 242 M4
Jon Willis 242 M4
Crayton Taylor 242 M5
Bill Brady 242 M5
Bill Helmich 242 M6
Carl Werda 275 M1
Robert Speno 275 M1
Bill McDonough 275 M1
Ronald Ballman 275 M1
Anthony Harms 275 M1
Peter Walters 275 M2
Steve Johnson 275 M2
Dave Gonzales 275 M2
Bill Collins 275 M2
Joe Lewis 275 M2
Jon Briggs 275 M2
Keith Belisle 275 M2
Ted Stewart 275 M3
Curtis Wainwright 275 M3
Dave Schneider 275 M3
Joe Dentice 275 M3
Shaun Anderson 275 M4
Harry Heyman 275 M6
Brad Gillingham SHW M1
Daniel Gaudreau SHW M2
Randy Pirtle SHW M2
Roger Hendrix Sr SHW M3
William Duncan SHW M3
Steve Green SHW M4
Robert Crawford SHW M4
William Morris SHW M6

Steve Mann


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