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Re: It's been @ a week. Where do we go from here?

Posted By: Jason Burnell
Date: Wednesday, 29 April 2009, at 9:42 a.m.

In Response To: Message to Minnesota USAPL Lifters - State Records (Cheryl Anderson)

I'm glad you got to express your viewpoints and be heard. I assume that your records are all updated by now so I gotta ask - what is next?

How do things get better in Minnesota? Rich, Disgruntled MN lifter and a few others, I'm guessing, think that because Madvig does a lot of work that going public with the problems you were having was wrong. I'm not sure I agree with that but I also realize that when people see things a certain way, it takes a lot to make them change their minds and in some cases you just can't.

On the other hand, people that think you were wronged are going to think Madvig needs to change his ways and their minds are going to be just as hard to change.

From my perspective, I do agree with those that think Madvig's efforts are valuable. His efforts at putting on meets, reffing, spotting, running a site and trying to do records should be applauded. I've done most of those things in the past in my state and it can be a pain in the butt and draining. I would go so far as to say that without Madvig's efforts, powerlifting in MN might be in trouble. It might not dry up and blow away but losing a guy that does as much as he does would be a big blow.

Having said that, I think that just by lifting at a high level and doing big meets, setting records and doing all the radio and TV interviews that you do,you also are doing a good bit to put MN on the map. The criticism that I've heard of you is that you just lift and don't contribute - that you've only helped out at one meet. While I know that you'd contest that number, I don't really think that is a fair criticism. In my experience, 90 percent of the lifters lift at a meet and go home until the next meet and nobody is castigating them.

I think people are saying that you've got the fame and they want to see you give back. I don't know that that is a "requirement" of being successful but it makes people feel better.

I guess the big question is this - what do we do to close the divide between the sides? Do you feel that you and Brad can find a "happy place" for lack of a better term, where your success and Brad's hard work can be combined to make MN an even stronger state.

You both are valuable assets to MN powerlifting, as I see things, and it only makes sense that if you guys could find a way to smooth things out MN would be better off.

It really boils down to: 1) figuring out what is valued by both sides and 2) who is willing to honestly and sincerely try to move beyond the current stumbling block and 3) making it work.

Whaddup y'all?


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