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Wow jetlag is a bitch

Posted By: Christy Newman
Date: Thursday, 7 June 2007, at 2:32 p.m.

I want to tell everyone how appreciative I am for supporting me and believing in me. I want to thank the main love of my life, Tony Cardella mostly b/c if it weren't for him I wouldn't have been able to go at all. There is no better bench shirt :putt・er on・er;, and no one can talk you off a ledge better than he can. He puts up with my mood swings and my dieting and my bitching about getting old. I love him so much it hurts. Thanks for all that you do for me.

I have the best coach in the World Jon "the creator of champions" Magendie, the workout that he gave me was magic. I had officially let myself go after last year, and when I was asked to be on the team it was a hard and long road back to getting in shape. I lost 20 pounds to get back into my weight class and struggled with 185. So the workout he gave me was the best ever.

My equipment sponsor, I can not say enough about. My shirt was awesome and there is no better material than the NXG + my shirt was perfect and the new wraps I was wearing gave me all the support I needed. My products of choice are the F6 with NXG+ and the THP full 36' length wrist wraps. I've won several National titles, 2 world records, and 2 world championships with these products and I would recommend them to anyone.

My supplements are from the one and only Quest Nutrition call them, tell them what you・re trying to accomplish and Sherman will get you there.

Our Team Sponsors: House of pain hooked us up with some great bags you would think benchers wouldn・t carry a whole lot to the meet HA I think I saw Mike Hara check in 10 shirts hehehehe. We fit a lot of crap into those bags. And APT also gave us some really cool red white and blue wrist wraps that were awesome. Thank you guys for all your support we could not be as successful with out you.

The BP Worlds Coaching staff: Donavan Thank you so much for believing in me, it really meant a lot to me that you asked me to be on the team. I can only imagine how hard you and Jen work before, during, and after the meet. It is so nice having a coach that takes a real interest in your lifting before you go over seas, and takes care of you after you've lifted. Marvin you are the best and you are required to go with us every year from now on. I've been on a lot of Worlds teams (9) and this is by far the best coaching staff I've ever had the pleasure of working with. I may just be a smidge bias but its true none the less.

My teammates: Once again this team rocked it out our girls are so cohesive and supportive. Every lifter had their very own personal cheering section, and you could feel the support out on the platform. I truly believe that this kind of support makes the difference when it comes down to that lift that could go either way. I had the best time hanging out with everyone and especially meeting all the new peeps on the team. Gina B is my new best bud she took my camera and ran with it. I think I have more pictures of myself than all the previous years combined. Thanks for that it really means a lot to catch that moment on film. Our T-shirts this year rocked we had the coolest shirts ever and if you have ever tried to come up with a design that makes everyone happy good luck it・s not easy. We saw a couple but when this one came up you just knew it was the one. Way to go Tim and Steve for hooking that up.

Denmark was great I really didn・t want to leave. The weather was perfect, the little bungalows were great and it was so cool having a row of us lifters, the food was great, and Tim Anderson is not only a great bencher but is also excellent on the grill. The venue was wonderful if I hadn・t seen the pictures I would never have guessed that it had caved in during the winter・s snow. There was plenty of space in the warm-up room. Now I know that this is a weird thing to mention but I have taken quiet a few Drug tests in My day and the couple that gave the drug test were super friendly and did an excellent job as far as pissing in a cup in front of a stranger goes . Lol. The meet ran smoothly and no one was hurt I think they had 1 miss load that they caught before the lifter got on the platform, so I can not say enough good things about the spotters. My handoff guy in particular, was superb; he did such a beautiful job. I firmly believe that Handoff guys should be certified before they are allowed on the platform and if they were this guy would be the highest of the high ranking right up there with Tony and Niko, and Eric.

Last time I broke the record I gave sort of a fun play by play so that everyone would know why I had that smile on face.

The night before I was weighing 74.something kilos so I ate some steak and a few tiny potatoes, drank lots of water. Then I went to the room to shave my legs and just as I got started we ran out of Hot water LOL. That night it・s hard to go to sleep thinking of everything and I asked Tony if he thought I should lower my opener? He said don・t worry about it we will see how things go in the morning. So I was feeling good and woke up fairly early to check my weight 74.something, feeling great. I got my gear and got on the bus for the ride over to the venue. (For this training cycle I didn・t really listen to my usual vision quest soundtrack or rocky sound track no this year I was all about Fergie ferg and Gwen Stephanie) So we are waiting in line to check-in gear, (a word to judges that check in gear could you not put a big ugly stamp on the toes of my brand new white kicks that are now ruined, the back of the heel would be just fine.) and getting rack heights and jamming to some beats. Jen Thompson was looking sexy as ever with those flat rock hard abs after having a baby weighed in first and then Michelle Sora and I were last. I think it was 74.03 that・s along way from topping out at 184 pounds at Christmas. So we all go up stairs and grab our bench, circle up the gym bags and start our warm up rituals. They combined one of the flights leaving us with 2 flights and a five minute break in between. At one point we all started jamming out to our music and dancing in a little circle Deb was breaking it down. I loved it b/c it took my mind off the seriousness of the situation.
Side note: I can・t tell a lie I was scared to death of going up there and not getting the start command. With all the :new; rule interpretations and changes I started doubting whether or not I even wanted to lift anymore, it seemed like such a witch hunt that I really didn・t want to play anymore. But I played around with my feet at the beginning of my training cycle and nearly ruptured a disc one night when my foot flew out from under neither b/c I push so hard with my legs. After that I said screw it I・ll just set up like I always do and turn my heels out so they stay flat. Scared to death I tell ya.
Warm ups went fine the last one wasn・t perfect but I was ok with that, I could hear everybody on the team talking and saying I don・t know, it could go either way your feet are flat but I don・t know about the butt. So I turned up the music and would only listen to Tony. Mike Hara came over and rubbed some of his gold medal luck on my arms. Then Tony said hey there is a 5 minute break that we didn・t know about its going to be awhile do you want to get another warm up in? YES so we waited a minute got in another warm up and I・m so glad we did b/c I ended it on a great note nice and smooth like it should be. Pumped up the tunes, goofed around with everybody trying to keep it light then got ready for my first attempt. Didn・t crank down the shirt to much just right, Tony was talking to me the whole time focusing on the lift. Scared to deathK I explained to the handoff guy how I needed my handoff and to my surprise he did it perfectly, let go just right and I knew I had it. I couldn・t even feel the weight I had so much adrenaline goingKK I got the start command right away (relief) press call was perfect no crazy holds, exploded up, lock out was easy. When I stood up I just stood there waiting for the lights, thinking what did I do wrong, what could I have done wrongKKK 3 white lights!!! Yeeeesssss!!!! I・m in the game no matter what. Tony asked me what I thought and I said stick with the game plan.
Hint: By the way if you don・t go into a meet with a flexible game plan you really should it takes a lot of the guess work out of the whole thing.
I went to my chair and started flipping through my song list I can・t even remember what I was listening to, then I talked to some people about something couldn・t really tell you what, then I was talking to someone and everyone told me to shhhhh cause I was talking way to loud. LOL Got ready for my second, I had no idea where I was in the standing and I really didn・t need to know, I had complete faith in Donavon and Tony. Second attempt felt solid just like the first but I think it went up even faster. When I stood up 3 white lights :Thank you God; I new this was going to be good just one lift at a time don・t focus on any one little nit picky detail and it will be fine. When I sat down put on the sweat shirt to keep warm asked Tony where I was at but that I really don・t want to know he said shut up and sit down, drinking some water touched up the lucky lip gloss (it really was Lucky Katie thanks) Now I usually wrap my wrists first then pull my shirt down but for some reason Tony wanted to change it so we cranked on the shirt and he wrapped the crap out of wrists, then I could hear over the loud speaker that there was a change and that I would be attempting a new World record, Tony pulled my shirt up from the back then really pulled it down in the front (now I get it) I stared at the bench while they changed the weight. :This is light, this is light;, I said over and over and over again. I was standing there waiting and it was taking a little while so I rested my hand on the Judge that was standing in front of me; he was holding me back from stepping on the platform like a lion tamer getting ready to unleash the lion. Hahahahaha. I give a quick update to the handoff guy but then I realize he knows what he・s doing so I set up and take the weight out I can see the clock out of my peripherals and it says 20 sec. I think to myself crap I hope I get the start command right away. Then the very next moment I hear the commands and I flex my lattes and tightened every little muscle I have. :Press; I watch the bar move and feel it stall and then dig deep to keep it moving if I can just keep it moving it will be ok. When I stand up I look for the lights and it seems like forever before they finally come on 2 whites and 1 red I take a step toward Tony and then turn around to thank my handoff guy for an amazing handoff. Then I turn around and run into Tony・s arms, grab him around the neck and squeeze as tight as I can. I can・t believe it I really can・t believe it we did it. Its official I・m not just a one hit wonder, I can・t let go of his neck, they want to check my gearK ok but let me squeeze Tony just a little bit longerK. It was really awesome I went from not wanting to lift anymore to busting my tail, (going deeper into debt) and breaking my own world record. What a really great year this has truly been. The absolute best part of any WORLD VICTORY is hearing that sweet, sweet music the AMERICAN ANTHEM. It is the best; it gives you goose bumps and chills, makes you feel proud, and smile, and cry all at the same time. No other colors run deeper than RED, WHITE and BLUE. I never feel more thankful for all the people in my life than I do right then when you・re standing on top of the world. And the Katana swords we won were freaking cool too.

After Party: Was Great a good friend of ours Chris Kahanik(sp?) from UT just happened to be hanging out in Denmark and we got to hang out, we all played on the obstacle course which was hysterical, and we walked down to the beach (freezing by the way) and saw some really cool old WWII Bunkers that were slowly being swept out to sea. Then we all got extremely smoking hot looking for the banquet, and they had a wonderful buffet lots of good beer and wine, our UNCLE RON hooked us up, we partied like Rock Stars till the break of Dawn (but since the sun never really goes down all the way it was kind of hard to tell when dawn wasKK lol. I was completely honored when Donavon asked me and Deb to walk up to get the girls 1st place trophy Women RULE!!!!! I was even more honored, and humbled when Donavon came up to me and said here ya go it・s yours, you・ve earned it. I・m pretty sure that giving away your first, first place team trophy is not easy and I wanted to argue and say no that・s your first baby, you・re the one that brought us together and earned it. But have you ever tried arguing with a Doctor who has made up his mind. We popped the top of the trophy cup off and they filled it with Champaign and all the girls and coaches got to have a gulp and fun was had by all. Then Tony and I went to go pack b/c our bus left at 3:15 AM, We stopped by the pool on our way out and I・m not sure but I think everyone was having way too much fun. I regret not going down the slide. I look forward to next year. Check out the pics on my website.

I love everyone.
Christy Newman


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