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Posted By: Cheryl Anderson
Date: Monday, 18 May 2009, at 6:21 p.m.

I’ve posted suggestions/comments about the USAPL Rankings Database before on “the other forum” (and was attacked for doing so), and I can see that I’m clearly not the only member who sees this as a problem.

So now the question is this:

When the decision was made to discontinue the old USAPL rankings database (Mike Armstrong’s) … what was the expectation of the new volunteers (or those taking over the task of) the rankings?

Were they actually asked or expected to create the New-and-Improved Super-Turbo-Powered (Non-Existent) Database That Could Do Wonders (Someday)?

Or were they asked to:
1. compile all meet results,
2. put data into a database, and
3. produce a 2008 Rankings List for the membership -- to continue what was provided many consecutive years before?

If it was the first answer, and they were not the ones responsible for collecting and entering the data of meet results/lifts… would it not have occurred to someone in... say, late 2008… that MAYBE someone should start asking who would be collecting and entering data?

I have a real hard time believing that the EC would ask/designate someone to take over the work that Mike Armstrong used to do, without clearly expecting that this person would be managing the actual data itself… or without identifying someone else who would.

And the problem continues, because the real problem is that some folks are too worried about making someone “look bad,” so they would rather keep babying that person rather than expect accountability. This is a PL federation with over 4000 members whose concerns had better matter more than the one person’s concern of how he “looks.”

What I’ve done (and others I’ve already spoken to) to get rankings -- just subscribe to the Rankings at PowerliftingWatch.com. It’s a great source of info, and I know that a lot of USAPL members have been willing to pay the $12/yr. to access the timely and complete info kept there. The lists have a lot of nice features, and Jon keeps it up-to-date. It speaks for itself (he doesn’t have to “sell” it -- or post repetitively about it). It’s REALLY THERE and ready to use. Plus, Jon handles himself very professionally.

As an aside, I also wonder whatever happened to POWERLINES? The online version was a one-stop-shop for all our meet results, local to world-level… and most importantly, it housed all of that data -- from which the yearly rankings were drawn -- in one place.

(Incidentally, I volunteered to help out with that publication…. but was told… well, you can guess who was going to be put in charge of that, too, instead.... LOL!! I guess there just isn’t enough help out there…not enough willingness for volunteerism.)


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