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Re: Rankings...Powerlines...PowerliftingWatch

Posted By: Cheryl Anderson
Date: Tuesday, 26 May 2009, at 8:02 p.m.

In Response To: Re: Rankings...Powerlines...PowerliftingWatch (Michael Sampson)

Mike -- thanks for your response.

I don’t know of anyone being worried about making you look bad or babying you, either. You and I (and hundreds of other lifters) know that we are not talking about you. You haven’t been the only volunteer working on this and talking about / promoting it online. I believe there is a “company” that this was given to -- I read that off the other USAPL forum that your partner runs (April 13, 2009 post, among others).

This is a serious issue. My feedback was in response to the most recent discussion thread about this, made to the other USAPL forum that you co-moderate, with comments contributed by a number of members (including those expressing concern about making your partner “look bad” because Rich Edinger threw together his own rankings lists) -- and that entire discussion suddenly vanished from that forum.

You don’t have a well-known and long-standing reputation of being “delete-happy” -- erasing relevant forum threads… constructive comments… images… meet reports… actual PL records… many other items I could go on to list for the next 10 minutes. I cannot count how many times I’ve seen online USAPL-related content quietly and abruptly disappear in that exact fashion, over the years, long before you got involved with this sport and organization. Neither can several others (which is one of the top reasons why there is also this USAPL forum now).

Hitting “delete” does not make problems go away. Nor does it support a claim such as, “that was never said/done.” It certainly is not professional.

It’s good that you want to keep others in the loop and informed, and that you welcome feedback and questions. This has to be kind of hard when there is either a lot of censorship or when members (like me) are answered with a "no good deed goes unpunished" and a “go take your complaints to the EC” by your partner -- after you’ve already provided your own answer. In fact, he posted to you on his forum, verbatim, that “there is no need to explain yourself to anyone” (April 15, 2009 -- in that particular case, referring to me).

Perhaps you beg to differ and realize that yes, you do have to explain yourself to other USAPL members because you are doing this for them. That is appreciated, and members deserve that courtesy.

Along the way, please let others take responsibility for what they do (or fail to do) -- that is not your job.

I also recall reading that you two were taking over the 2008 USAPL Rankings, back when you were originally assigned that task. Whenever you say that, people think “rankings lists.” I still think that managing the meet results and data had to have come first and was more important than re-designing the wheel. As nice as the new wheel sounds, what good is it without the basics? -- Get the basics done first (especially if you're volunteering). But I think the magnitude of this job should have gone to a paid professional; it would have been worthwhile and I think members would have supported it.


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