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Garry, the old dude HRT/TUE question......

Posted By: Dean From Oregon
Date: Friday, 2 December 2005, at 12:31 p.m.

Saw your question down below Garry, I wanted to address my thoughts on TUE for test replacement.

First some background. Last May at usapl masters I had a horrible meet. Training sucked, I was in pain all the time, not motivated, etc. I wasn't motivated in other areas as well, and felt some borderline depression coming on. I was also a real prick and angry all the time.

I got a sleep study done, figuring I had the fat guy's curse of sleep apnea. Nope. I checked out fine. So as I read up on my symptoms and the one thing that kept popping up was low test. I didn't think that was it because I was still strong, but I asked the Doc and he went ahead and tested me.

Turns out my test level was at 197 and I went on HRT the next day.

It's been a bumpy ride, my Doc and I seem to be learning the finer points of managing dosages together. It also took some extra caution as my blood pressure went through the roof after the first shot and needed to be managed via medication.

Recently I had my IGF-1 levels tested. Guess what? These were low too.

So now I'm on a reasonably low dose of test cyponate and daily shots of 2 iu's of HGH. I take the test in 100 mg dosages twice weekly rather than a bigger dose once a week. It keeps things smooth and level.

I feel much better, I'm back to my old self in almost everyway. Hell I would probably even still pass USAPL drug test if I took one. (I had my status changed to non-competing before I took my first shot). My Doctor told me I would pass the test in the beginning "Why can't you lift there anymore, hell it's just tesosterone?" he asked me.

With this in context, I'm completely against having a therapeudic exemption for tesosterone. Right now I can manage my levels fairly tightly. I've had them way too low, and sometimes way too high but we've finally found the sweet spot dosagewise.

The thing is once I'm using test, I can throttle it up or down pretty quickly. My levels can also be anywhere I want them to in a one week period. I can also feel the effects right away if the dosage is too high. Would it be easy to maintain a higher dosage for a training cycle and slow down the last three weeks? It would be very easy.

HGH stays in your body for a very small period of time, but it can be measured somewhat by tracking IGF-1 levels. Once again, if tested, my levels will be that of a healthy 30 year old instead of an unhealty 40 year old, but I can manipulate this one too to be wherever I need it to be within a couple weeks.

I guess to sum it up, once you go on HRT you're down the "better living through chemicals" path whether you ever wanted to be or not. I certainly never wanted to be, but here I am and with no regrets. The USAPL stands for NOT competing this way and I endorse that logic wholeheartedly.

The lady who takes something with test in it? Sadly, I agree that she should not lift here.

There's lots of stuff out there right now. Google IGF1-LR3 if you want your eyes opened. A research chemical, absolutely undetectable and pretty cheap. To maintain the integrity of the drug free competition, you have to commit to keep this stuff out too. Right now we do not.

Now would I like to guest lift at USAPL meets? Damn straight I would, hell man all my friends are here.

I'll probably still come in last anyways.

Anyhow this is just my opinion on the whole thing.



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