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Maryland Powerlifting Seminar Review

Posted By: Sioux-z Hartwig-Gary
Date: Tuesday, 2 October 2007, at 1:44 p.m.

The 2007 Maryland Powerlifting Seminar was a huge success and met with rave reviews. Marylandís own Jim Roberts and Will Slade were largely responsible for online promotion of the event. Jim assisted in transporting the equipment to the venue while Will has continued to maintain the USAPL Maryland website. These two gentlemen are tremendous assets to powerlifting and their continued supportive efforts are most laudable.

Thirty-eight people attended the seminar including concerned parents making sure their children were performing the lifts correctly, personal trainers, powerlifting coaches, and powerlifters from novice to elite. Much of the seminar was lecture format with handouts. A ten page course outline highlighted the topics covered and included a suggested online and text bibliography.

The first half of the six-hour seminar focused on the big three lifts - the squat, bench press, and deadlift. Each lift was demonstrated and discussed in explicit detail. Proper form and technique mastery was a day long theme. We emphasized that becoming a technician at the competitive lifts is of paramount importance to every lifter regardless of oneís experience. Upon completion of the competitive lifts, demonstrations and advice were given on selecting appropriate assistance moves and how to include them into your program. Special attention was given to moves that most closely resemble the competitive lifts as well as the importance and value of including pull-ups into your program.

The second half of the seminar included more instruction on strength training methodology including the Overload Principle, Periodization, the three types of strength, Prilepinís table, and various training systems. Operating on the premise that itís better to teach a hungry man how to fish rather than handing him a single meal, we decided to comment on the advantages and disadvantages of various training protocol. We also suggested proper methods of setting up your training schedule and the importance of training within certain intensity zones (percentages). Raw vs. geared lifting was presented with the emphasis on getting stronger without the aid of supportive equipment first, then perhaps adding it later. Then we discussed the different types of powerlifting apparel and their benefits. Warm-up, attempt selection, and overall meet flow was presented with examples. Sioux-z commented on nutritional planning, weigh-ins, winning mental approach, and performed most of the demonstrations.

Throughout the seminar questions and comments were made by audience members. Master Powerlifting and Olympic Weightlifting World Champion Linda Jo Belsito attended and added to the discussion by reinforcing the proper tools needed to create a strong foundation for lifting weights. USAPL Pennsylvania state chairman and Garage Ink owner, Niko Hulslander, had a booth with Titan Powerlifting apparel and Quest Nutrition products available for purchase. He too gave valuable information and insight into training and technique. Six-time IPF World Powerlifting Champion and living legend Captain Kirk Karwoski was on hand selling autographed posters and training DVDs. All three of these champion lifters, with the help of myself and Sioux-z, were able to provide expert technique analysis at the conclusion of the seminar. Kirk took over the squats, Niko the benches, while Linda Jo handled the deadlifts. Sioux-z and I floated around the area providing extra analysis and insight into all the lifts. We were also able to mingle and speak with most of the attendees on a more personal level.

The entire seminar was outstanding. It provided a wealth of information for the novice, intermediate, and experienced powerlifter. Everyone left the seminar much more informed than they had been before. Consideration is now being given to videotaping future seminars for potential distribution as an educational tool.

We definitely plan on having additional seminars and training clinics in the near future. Thanks again to everyone who attended and stay tuned.

Train hard, be consistent, and master your technique!!!

Matt Gary & Sioux-z Hartwig-Gary


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