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World's appreciation

Posted By: Cheryl Anderson
Date: Tuesday, 23 October 2007, at 8:08 p.m.

I just want to say “thank you very much” to those who helped me prepare for, compete in, and travel to and from IPF World’s this year. I also want to thank the USA team members who were there for me with their huge encouragement early in the contest which meant a lot and helped get me going. They are an incredibly talented, determined and hard-working group of athletes and individuals who are represent the USA well -- both on and off the platform!

There is nothing easy about being a part of this unique opportunity. Training for it, raising funds for it and the traveling experience itself are just three exhausting aspects before the competition itself even begins – yet it always ends up an unforgettable, once-in-a-lifetime experience.

This year was very different from my first World’s two years ago. I moved up a weight class, and miraculously survived, trained through, and healed from injuries after a near-fatal car crash that totaled my car last June. I'm grateful that my son and I are watched over always, and that I am able to continue doing this.

The highlight for me at this meet was finally meeting many of the veteran members of the men’s US team and their families, spending time talking with and learning from them. Ervin, Doc, Dave, T.J. and Wade were just a few of the great people with terrific personalities and awesome stories they shared. To hear about their lifting achievements is one thing; to meet them as individuals is even better. Tony Harris is always fun to be around, and he and Johnny Graham (“TALK to the HAND…”) just about killed me with their talk; it had to be all their fault. Three things I did too much... eating, walking... and laughing. Mitch and I both wished we could have stayed longer. It was a lot of fun to see friends from the other nations once again and watch them lift with everything they had, along with meeting new lifters.

I was glad to make it there with the encouragement and support from some of those who believed I should experience World’s again:

Northwest Airlines and my awesome family of co-workers in Corporate Communications (Media Relations and Internal Communications) along with J. Austin and Associates Public Relations – which, together with Mitch’s 15 years with NWA, pooled together just about every benefit imaginable – from flight planning, to WorldClub lounging in Detroit during a 9-hr. layover, to World Business Class seats - via standby! - all the way to Frankfurt and back (no sleep with the endless food and drinks served just about every 15 min.’s)

Guse Chiropractic – Maple Grove, MN (Dr. Shawn Guse has been my chiropractor for 5 years; he treated me 3-4 times a week after the crash and was determined to get me on track for World’s, despite my doubts that I could heal in time)

Pete Alaniz, Titan Support Systems

Quest Nutrition

The Gym Training Center – Plymouth, MN

The Press Gym – Little Canada, MN

APT Pro Gear

Dean Breest and family

Steve Denison (a huge support for both World's)

Nancy Goldstein

ClubKid – Minnetonka (Ridgedale), MN

My brother, retired USAF Sgt. Roy Esperancilla (who first sparked my interest in big weights), my nephew Brendon and my niece Ariel; my mom and dad, Merlinda and Robert Esperancilla; and my best childhood friend Rebecca Robertson

A good friend of mine, a world-class lifter, wished to remain anonymous as one of my most generous sponsors - thanks for helping me!

Thank you to Sioux-z, Priscilla, and Truck for their hard work and help with the accommodations, transportation, staying organized for and at the event, and all other important aspects of it.

And thanks very much to Mitch (Running Is His New Sport) Edelstein and Larry Maile for all of their great coaching and assistance before and during the competition -- a lot of work! As was mentioned earlier, there was a ton of walking back and forth that we had to do, along with a high altitude, which I think posed a challenge for me - despite the beautiful surroundings/scenery and cultural experience.

Special thanks to Mitch, my twin, for enduring the long hours of training, traveling and the endless list of other things I am grateful for and the ways he stayed strong and positive for me (yep, as a coach, Mitch can be extremely positive! LOL.. figure we can kick it up another notch after he spends one month with Sherman - Ledford... not his cat, Sherman). I'll never forget how we waited by the long ramp to get onto the stage for my opening squat... all at once, on cue, the entire 48 kg. class and their coaches (and seemingly their coaches' coaches, cousins, and brothers) flooded into the waiting area, surrounded us, and he looks around, grins, and announces... "It's the United Nations." Mitch, I'm glad you enjoyed your first IPF experience and very first time overseas... and all that German-talking TV and that Austrian food

Big congrats to World Champion Tony Cardella!!


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