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Great Bench Press Nationals!

Posted By: Lance Slaughter
Date: Monday, 14 September 2009, at 2:22 p.m.

A huge congratulations to Gary Kanaga, Steve Petrencak, Greg Page, Cathy Marksteiner and the entire team involved with producing this year's Bench Press Nationals. This will certainly be recognized as another important benchmark national championship for USA Powerlifting with respect to the quality of the production.

Unfortunately, I was not able to be there on Sunday but a few of my thoughts about what I experienced this weekend. First, it is clear that the vision, consideration and intention of the organizer's from day one was providing a first-class experience to the attendees.

The hotel and the competition venue was without a doubt, the best that I have experienced at a USAPL national championship. And I been to quite a few over the years. The production values rivaled that of USAPL's production at the Arnold- huge rear projection screens and a live video feed utilizing at least three cameras. Niko did another great job of announcing and Eric Curry provided world class lifts-off while providing consideration and encouragement to each and every lifter.

The warm-up area was ideal- at least 8,000 sq ft (?) by my estimate and each station had ER Equipment racks along with Eleiko and Ivanko competition plates. Large screens with live video feed of the competition and computerized screensheet.

Cathy Marksteiner was an outstanding Technical Secretary. Cathy ensured the technical requirements of a national championship and an IPF qualifier were maintained while at the same time providing an enviroment in which lifters could perform at their best. And I must throw a nod to Joe M. as well for his tireless efforts to bring all the benefits of his NextLifter program to our national championships.

Again, all of these considerations seemed to be focused on the lifter first and foremost and the lifters did not disappoint. Among the women, I enjoyed the battle between Jill Darling and Teale Adlemann. Down to the final lifts. Devan Doan (Jr WR 354) and Jennifer Thompson (Open AR 325) continue to amaze each year with their performances.

The men also featured a great battle in the 198 lb class. with five guys going for the win during third and final attempts. And you have to give it up to Mike Kuhns with his WR performance. Developing into one of the best of all time.

Great liftng, great national championship. Oh, and GREAT meet T-shirts! Again, congratulations to all involved.

Lance Slaughter


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