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women's natl fri and sat flights

Posted By: gina
Date: Sunday, 10 February 2008, at 6:07 p.m.

Here are the tentative flight schedules for Friday and Saturday (name/wgt cl/div)

Friday Flight A 9:00am lifting
Kayla Vopelak/44/t1
Stephanie Seebruck/44/t1
Erin Dickey/48/o
Michelle Van Dusen/48/t1/o
Erin Zenker/48/t1
Stephanie Byrom/48/t3
Kim Ryman/48/m2
Brandy Taylor/52/t1
Mercedes Cernicka/52/t2
Oriah Sage/52/m2
Jennifer Kingsley/52/m2
Theresa Michaels-Ward/52/m1

Friday Flight B 2:00pm lifting
Sioux-z Hartwig-Gary/52/o
Jayna Vande Voort/52/t3
Megan Williams/52/t3
Kate Dingle-Craig/52/m3
Vera Nelson/52/m2
Joni Mach/56/m1
Toni Kemper/56/m1
Haley Horbinski/56/t1

Friday Flight C 2:00pm lifting
Rowena Lopez/56/o
Rachele Unson/56/o
Ashley Matherne/56/o
Janel Brown/56/o
Katie Van Dusen/56/o/t3
Kendra Miller/56/o/t1
Debra Jackson/56/o/m2
Sara Christensen/56/t2

Saturday Flight D 9:00am lifting
Kristen Yukness/60/o
Jennifer Perry/60/o
Jennifer Thompson/60/o
Jennifer Gaudreau/60/o
Kayrie Spinney/60/jr
Adrainna DaCosta/60/jr
Demi Davis/60/t2
Patricia Tidmarsh/60/m1
Lanette Lopez/60/m2
Angela Simons/60/m2
Rita Carlsson/60/m4
Faith Ireland/60/m6

Saturday Flight E 9:00am lifting
Jessica Thornton/67.5/t1
Randi Kaplan/67.5/t1
Shelby Steele/67.5/t2
Renee Ann Kutchera/67.5/t3
Elizabeth Aldridge/67.5 jr
Pamela Bartz/67.5/jr
Meghan Jovanvich/67.5/jr
Ashley Bordeaux/67.5/jr
Lauren Tumlinson/67.5/jr

Saturday Flight F 2:00pm lifting
Priscilla Ribic/67.5/o
Jane Larsen-Welborn/67.5/o
Rhonda Clark/67.5/o/m1
Paula Houston/67.5/o/m2
Donna Marts/67.5/o/m2
Ruth Welding/67.5/o/m3
Gina Stepleton/67.5/m2
Deb Duffy-Smet/67.5/m3
Gail Moore/67.5/m5

Saturday Flight F 2:00pm lifting
Liane Blyn/75/o
Disa Hatfield/75/o
Rebekah Lair/75/o
Cydney "Ci Ci" Smith/75/o
Kelli Lambert/75/o
Dalianne James/75/o/jr
Laura Styrlund/75/o/m1
Natalie Harmon/75/m1
Cheryl LynnGibson/75/m1
Donna Bryant2/75/m2
Terry Lee/75/m3
Sonja McKinley/75/m5
Amanda Moe/75/t2
Dannielle Wagner/75/t2


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