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2006 USAPL Collegiate National Championships *LINK* *PIC*

Posted By: Robert Keller
Date: Saturday, 21 January 2006, at 1:22 p.m.

I would like to begin my thanking everyone for their patience in allowing me to finalize the arrangements for the 2006 USAPL Collegiate National Powerlifting Championships that will take place in Miami, Florida [USA] on April 13-16, 2006.

There were several reasons for the [short] delay:

1] This time of year is the highpoint of the tourist season; so negotiations with hotels in the city, the University of Miami, etc, were tedious, quite demanding, etc...Nonetheless, through these negotiations, we were able to secure some very good deals for the students on pricing for the championship, even despite this time of year being high tourist season for the city.

2] I wanted to take time and individually inspect and make sure that all of the facilities [hotel and venue] were in complete operating order, in lieu of the hurricane Wilma that struck just three short months ago… In light of this, I am very proud to announce that the city is functioning perfectly well, along with all of the selected facilities.

3] I wanted to place this event in a location with the highest possible degree of activities for the students; whilst taking into account the collegiate/university student budget... The hotels and venue will only be 10 minutes away from both South beach, and Bayside Marketplace, the two most popular attractions Miami has to offer.

Information on South Beach and Bayside Marketplace can be found at the following web-links:
South Beach [Miami Beach, Florida – USA]

Bayside Marketplace [Downtown, Miami – USA]

Additionally, I have completed the contest invitation and entry form and it is now in the hands of Jon Magendie, the Collegiate Committee Chairman, and Wade Hooper... They are currently reviewing the documents, etc...

Also, I have also sent the entry form to Lea Foreman, who has now posted the information onto the Collegiate National Championship webpage, which can be found at the following URL: http://www.ipfworlds.com/collegiate

In the meantime, if there are any further questions, etc, please contact me directly at: rhk@verizon.net or my cell: 954.790.2249

Thank you and I look forward to seeing everyone this April 2006...!

Sincere and kind regards,
Robert Keller

2006 USAPL Collegiate National Championships


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