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My 2006 IPF Worlds Experience *LINK*

Posted By: Tony Cardella
Date: Tuesday, 28 November 2006, at 12:09 a.m.

Ok, just wanted to take alittle bandwidth to do a little write up on the 2006 IPF Men's & Women's World Powerlifting Championships in Stavanger, Norway. Now I know the competition was a few weeks ago and I should have posted then, but things got crazy around here since I've been back.

Wow! The Norwegians put on an excellent World Championship. The warmup room was spacious with good equipment. The venue setup was very professional. The spotter/loaders did an excellent job. The crowds that showed up were great!

I opened up with 352.5 kg (777 lbs) and nailed it no problem. Good speed on the decent, hit the hole without leaning forward too bad, and popped it right back up for 3 white lights. From there it was up to 370 kg (815 lbs) which seemed to be faster/easier than the first. Things were looking good so we jumped to 385 kg (848 lbs). Had a good decent, hit the whole with alot of speed and came up on my toes which caused me to take a step forward about 3/4 of the way up before the "rack" command, so no lift. Missing that lift was disappointing. I had been experiencing the "weight on the toes" problem in training. I think this is related to some squat shoes that have been used a few too many times. Time to start hunting for new shoes I guess. Overall, I'm happy with my squats at this meet, however, I think I need to open alittle heavier.

And now for a shameless plug...
I got to use Inzer's new squat suit under powerlifting battlefield conditions. It is a considerable improvement over the Hardcore squat suit. The suit actually fits looser, feels more comfortable, and provides excellent support through a large range of the lift. If the organization you lift in allows this suit, I highly recommend it. Since this is a different style suit than the Hardcore, I recommend 2 to 3 squat workouts in the new suit to make sure you get used to the new suit.

I was alittle unsure about the bench press. My training for the meet could be best described as a train wreck of missed reps, fighting the bench shirt, and tendonitis. It's game day, right? Time to pull it together. Attention to detail in your training will help you select the right attempts and equipment. Since I normally train above my weight class cutoff, I have to train in a slightly larger shirt, because the shirt I wear on the day of the meet would be too tight in training. I made the right pick on the Rage-X shirt to use and it fit perfectly. Since I didn't know exactly what I had in me that day, I opened at a conservative 257.5 kg (567 lbs). After nailing my opener, I jumped to 272.5 kg (601 lbs) for a solid second attempt. I then made the jump to 280 kg (617 lbs). Came down with it in the groove, touched, got the press call from Larry and popped it off my chest and ran out of tricep strength. No lift. Not bad for all the problems I was having in training. I'm going to re-evaluate my bench press training. I don't think I'm getting enough tricep/lockout work in.

After squat and bench press I was tied for 5th and being heavier than Dean Bowring (GBR) I was in 6th place.
[code] Name Country BW Sub Total
1 Henry Clive GBR 124.35 695
2 Midote Daisuke JPN 124.6 695
3 Jonsson Audunn ISL 124.35 675
4 Randen Asbjorn NOR 125 670
5 Bowring Dean GBR 124.45 642.5
6 Cardella Tony USA 124.75 642.5[/code]
Sure would have been nice to stick that 3rd squat. I would have been in 5th and had another 15 kg on the other competitors.

The meet doesn't start till the bar hits the floor. Took a conservative opener with 320 kg (705 lbs). I came up on my toes on the way up and couldn't lock it out when the weight swung out in front of me. So no lift there, but the weight felt rediculously easy. At this part of the meet I let Larry and Sherman run with the numbers to get the highest placing possible to help the team. The next attempt was a solid 330 kg (727 lbs). From the time I left the backstage area to the time I setup on the bar I was verbally reminding myself to stay on my heels. I got my grip and ripped it up. Good lift! The third round started and Sherman told me to get ready, but be aware that there might be some changes. I got ready and got is set in my head that I was gonna pull whatever was on that bar. Last lift of the day. Don't hold back. The head referree, Hiro Isagawa (JPN) called the bar loaded. I hit the ammonia cap and went to work. Get to the bar. Set your feet. Chest up. Grab the bar with my right hand. Grab the bar with the left. Drop the hips. Chest up. Look up. Weight on the heels. GO! It was alittle slow coming up but I hung on and hauled it to the top for the lockout. I got the down command and turned around to look at the lights. 3 whites! 3 whites with 365 kg (804 lbs)! 3 whites with 365 kg (804 lbs) at the IPF Worlds! I was stoked. This was the 3rd time I've hit 804 in the deadlift this year and the second time I had done it at 275. The first time I pulled it I was a light SHW back in May. Anytime I cross one of these thresholds in powerlifting I get excited that I did it. When I do it for the second time, that proves to me that I am can legitimately claim the ability to lift that much weight.

I want to add that Inzer's new Fusion Deadlift Suit is a great deadlift suit for me. This is better than Inzer's Max DL deadlift suit (which I used for years). This suit is comfortable, fits loose in the upper body (good for us big guys), and delivers incredible support from the floor on up. Like the new squat suit, if the Fusion is approved where you lift, this is an excellent deadlift suit and worth looking into to see if it can help you too.

After I got backstage again, I talked to Larry and Sherman to figure out where I was in the standings. At that point, I had no idea. My job for the day was to lift. I found out I got the silver medal in the deadlift and a bronze medal overall in the 275s. I totalled 1007.5 kg (2221 lbs). This was 10 kg off my PR total that I did back in July. If I would have stuck that 3rd squat, it would have been a PR squat and total. It was at that time I was told that I had knocked Asbjorn Randen (NOR) out of the medals with my 3rd pull. Randen had become the first Norwegian to total 1000kg. Congrats Asbjorn!

After the medal ceremony, I hung out in the warm up room to help out our SHW, Randall Harris. Big ROH got off to a rough start in the squat, but went for 6 for 6 in the bench press and deadlift for a bronze medal too. So on the last day, Team USA's big guys, both from Texas, hauled in two medals for the team. Nice job Randall! I hope things are getting better for you since you came back. Hang in there big guy!

So now that I've gotten back in town, and things are returning to normal, I'd like to thank everyone that's helped make everything possible. So in no particular order, here goes!

Thanks to Larry Maile for calling good attempts and making sure the right weight is on the bar when it counts. The knee wraps were excellent. Also, the training you've put together was excellent. I think the lifting in the meet validated it.

Thanks to Sherman Ledford at Quest Nutrition (http://www.quest-nutrition.com) for working with Larry. I highly recommend Quest Nutrition products, not only because they are excellent, but Sherman is heavily involved in this sport and it is better to spend money with people in the sport than out of it.

Thanks to everyone else who worked as handlers (Ivan Ribic, James Townsend, and anyone else I can't think of off the top of my head). With ya'lls help, I was in the right place at the right time and ready to go.

Thanks to Inzer Advance Designs for their continued support and the creators of the "Best Damn Powerlifting Gear on the Planet" ™ Check out their new squat suit and Fusion deadlift suit!

I also want to send a special thanks to Ed Coan and Kirk Karwoski. I've looked up to these guys ever since I started powerlifting. For them to come all the way to Norway to watch the meet and hang out with us muscle heads was really cool. They've also been a tremendous source of powerlifting knowledge.

Thanks to my Unoffical Medical Team of Glenn Helton and Jim Muntz. Thanks Glenn for the weekly beatings to keep major appendages attached and vertebrae where they should be. Thanks to Jim for your assistance with the BP in a way that I can keep it under control without sacrificing performance in a sport I love.

Thanks to Christy for putting up with me, especially on Nov 4th. You've got a big meet coming up. Don't slack off in your preperations for it! We only have a few chances to go to Worlds so make the most of it. Because when it's gone, you're just left telling "This one time, at worlds..." stories.

Thanks to the guys over at Steel Fitness (Steve Rosenberg, Charlie Turco, Mike Dorman, Randy Earle, and Bill Eaton) who were there on the heavy days to keep me from dropping the weight on my head! See you guys at Outback Wednesday night!

Thanks to all my friends, family, and supporters out there. Your encouragement really helps.

Here are some related links for the competition:
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If you would like to see some video from the 2006 IPF Men's and Women's World Powerlifting Championships, it is available here: http://shop.streamworld.t-bn.de/shop/catalog/
The video came out pretty good with titles to let you know who is lifting, what attempt, and how much weight. It's very cheap and worth it IMO.



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