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Re: Masters Nationals

Posted By: Jason "MegaThrust Man" Burnell
Date: Wednesday, 25 April 2007, at 9:33 a.m.

In Response To: Re: Masters Nationals (Garry Holmen)

"Hey cripple boy... man up."

Is that like Cowboy Up? Seriously, it's Master's Nationals. It's a fun meet but it's not something I get really fired up for. It's hard to think of myself as a "Master" when I don't like Bingo, I don't wash my teeth in a bowl and I've only played shuffleboard once. I was never a fan of Gene Autry or Jimmy Dean (except for the breakfast sausages) and I never saw the real Hank Williams. I didn't room with Bronko Nagurski and I have no stories about VJ day.

Oh and my hair isn't gray........

On the other hand, I do remember 8-tracks, black and white TV, one small step for man...,
MTV when it didn't play rap videos, the Symbionese Liberation Army "Starring Cin-Q"), Adam 12, Emergency with Randolph Mantooth (give me an IV with D5W with lactated wringers STAT), S.W.A.T. and Bill Cosby and the Cosby Kids. So, maybe my kids are right and I am getting old.

PLUS, If I lift at Men's and Jason Beck kicks my ass by 300 lbs I can start calling him "Big Jason" and call myself "Little Jason." Ya know, just so no one will get confused. LOL

"When even I (a lifter of mediocre abilities) can outlift you you know you're in trouble."

You have been weighed, you have been measured and you have been found wanting.

"What have you been doing in your workout time? Knitting?"

Macrame, it's not knitting, it's macrame. Why can't anyone get it right?

"I've recovered from 2 surgeries and have a 2 month old at home so I don't want to hear any sorry excuses about a sore shoulder and insufficient time."

C'mon Garry, a brazilian wax job and having a wart frozen off your butt doesn't count as "surgeries."
I know, they gave you the BIG Tylenols for your recovery but it's not surgery.

"Save me a spot at the next USPF/USAPL meet that's going down in CA. Someone needs to come down there and humiliate you."

Save your weekends - October 6, Mid November or December 7. I'll let you know. I haven't had a drink in a month and won't until the after party for the comeback meet. Oddly enough, I'm still buying Tequila though.

October 6 there will be a meet in Rancho Cordova. New meet directors but Lance, Mike W and I will all be there to help out. If there is enough staff, then I'll qualify there. Lance has a meet every year in SoCal in November too. However, at this point it's most likely going to be the October meet OR the American Open. Armando is planning on that for his next meet and I think Boingy and Buffington are going. Might as well take a team, eh? Hey you could be our Canadian Token Teammate. Can you get a passport, visa, shots and get the ankle bracelet taken off in time?




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