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2007 USAPL Men's Nationals

Posted By: Tony Cardella
Date: Sunday, 22 July 2007, at 12:43 p.m.

I know this is late, but I just wanted to say thanks to a few people. Thanks to Harold Gaines and his staff for running a good meet there in St. Louis. I had alot of fun and there was alot of good lifting and gutsy lifting performances. Thanks to Larry Maile, Sherman Ledford, and James Townsend. You guys did an outstanding job coaching me at the meet. Thanks to Inzer Advance Designs. The new TRX squat suit and Fusion deadlift suits are awesome. Everyone should try them.

Ervin Gainer took the elimination of the 114 weight class in stride and lifted in the 123s. He looked better than in previous years when he was having to cut so much weight. His lifting looked much better as well.

Doc Holloway turned in a solid performance going 7 for 9 and winning his class. He had a close miss with 277.5 kg on his third deadlift. Maybe next time.

It was great to see TJ Horner come back to USAPL and win the 148s. I haven't lifted in the same meet as TJ since the 2000 IPF Junior World Powerlifting Championships in Chi-Yi, Taiwan.

Dave Ricks damn near gave everyone a heart attack by waiting till his 3rd deadlift to stay in the meet. Josh Rohr did a great job and was ready to capitalize on Dave's mistakes. The 198s had a great battle with Mike Bridges emerging victorious in the deadlift. All his squats looked easy.

Jason Beck really had an awesome meet at 220. The last few years this weight class was heavily contested but Beck has broken free of the pack. Jeremy Hartman came up second and lifted sick. Hopefully we'll see him next year and healthy in Texas.

I only watched the squats of the 242s since I had to lift later that afternoon, but Mike Mastrean put on a squatting exhibition buy cranking out the second biggest squat of the meet. Tony Harris overcame a 22.5 kg lead at the sub total to pull his way to victory on his 3rd deadlift. You can't stop Tony Harris. Even if he hurts himself in the squat, he'll still come out and stiff leg his deadlift to beat you. Unbelievable. Nick Tylutki showed tremendous composure despite being sick and throwing up after and during each squat attempt. A lesser lifter would not be able to handle that.

The Jeff Lewis and Brad Gillingham battle was incredible to watch. I only saw the deadlifts, but it was incredible to watch Jeff and Brad jockey for position. Jeff did everything he could to push Brad outside of his comfort zone in the deadlift. Jeff got a tough, but good call on his 3rd deadlift for not locking out. His supporters didn't like it, but Jeff handled it like a good sportsman. Brad followed Jeff with the right weight to tie Jeff and win on bodyweight. Hopefully we'll see another matchup between these two in the future.

Full results are available here:

On to Austria...


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