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After 13 years....

Posted By: Kevin D Stewart
Date: Monday, 14 April 2008, at 11:12 a.m.

Injuries and age, itís time for Retirement and Thank you!
Due to me blowing out my knee last week in getting ready for the masters, I will have to hang up my powerlifting career a few months earlier than I planned.
I should find out today when surgery is. The sooner the better, so I can get back on my feet.
Have to get my Bowling career in full swing.

I want to say Thank You to my Sponsorsí INZER Advance Designs for hands down the best gear and support in the game. I couldnít have done this without your support.

Thank you to Serenity point Counseling for supporting me, my dreams and my team.
Thank you Sam and Family!

No one can do it alone in this sport and I was no different. My coaches were some of the best in the game and Iím very blessed to have had them help me.

My Squat coach and over all handler Johnny Graham.
You helped me reach somewhere in powerlifting I never thought possible for me to reach.
I know the numbers arenít astonishing to anyone but me and thatís all that matters when youíre out there competing against the weight.
Thank you my friend for a Great ride in the sport of powerlifting!

I never really had a bench coach but I did have Angel Ortiz help me get started benching in the military in Korea back in 1983. I was a 180 pound basketball player in the gym watching him do 405 raw for reps. that was truly amazing back then. I wanted to do that one day! I ask him a few questions and he helped right away. I ran into Angel again 10 yrs later in Ga. and after two years of convincing I entered my first meet. I was hooked! Thanks Angel!

My Deadlift coach was Tee ďSkinny ManĒ Meyers. The most Iíve ever pulled is 750 in a bench /deadlift meet and 722 in a full meet. Not the best numbers out there but good enough to let me compete. This is also where I had my first full meet with Tee. I opened on the bench, sq and dead at 475lbs.
I fell over backwards, passed out with my first squat LOL!
Even though itís been years since Iíve been back to Ga. to lift, I still email and talk with Tee every now and again for help. Thank you my friend!

Thank you to all of Training partners and friends, whether they right here at the gym or on the phone and email with me.
I got help from Big Brad (Gilly) whenever I needed it, and he didnít hesitate to help me. Thanks Brad!
Jojo for the last year or two has been on the phone and email almost everyday getting me ready to roll to whatever meet I went to. You canít ask for a better attention to detail person to have in your corner. Thank you jojo!
Kara B. all I can say is Thank you! There are no other words, Just Thank you!

Fat Tony, Mike Todd, Travis, Tracy, Ken, Mel,
Steve Slavens and My Fife Kids, Paris, Lizzy, Brad and Big Steve Coury, Shawn Clark, Tony Bahnick, Les and Sami Chow and Ryan.
Special Thanks to Dean for all he has done for me with training, gear and just being a great friend to me.
You folks kept me afloat during my time in Washington. I will never for get it!
Than you my Friends for all of your help, helping me be successful in powerlifting!

Thank you for all of you support during the ups, downs, good and bad. You made realize that this is just a sport and not my life.
My kids, always at the gym with me and giving me inspiration so they can go brag about their Dad. Makes you feel good.
Dad, Deb, and Eric Thanks for showing up when you could!
I love you all!

I have met several people that have been great to me and some didnít like me. I have seen some great lifters, some honest, some not so honest. Through Powerlifting, Iíve gotten to know some really good people overall.

All in all it was a great 13 year ride!


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