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Re: Curious where the money goes?

Posted By: Jason W Burnell
Date: Friday, 16 January 2009, at 11:17 a.m.

In Response To: Curious where the money goes? (Dave)

Sample from a 45 lifter meet. It's been over a year since I've put on a meet - and damned if that doesn't feel good - so I may have forgotten something but this will give you an pretty good idea.

You'll notice that one expense not listed was a venue rental fee. For this meet, I was able to use my gym for free. For other meets, we've rented junior college gymnasiums/weight rooms. The cost of that can vary - it has cost a low of a couple hundred bucks to over a $1000 for weekend rental;setting up Friday night- lifting Saturday and Sunday and tearing down Sunday. Varies on the school - Modesto was less expensive than Napa, for example - and it's probably more in California than some other places.

Another thing that isn't accounted for is the cost difference for medals vs trophies. At the smaller meets, I'd usually go with medals but have used trophies and sculptures. Award cost is almost double with trophies/sculptures and shipping on sculptures is expensive.

Two things on the other side that aren't listed here are sponsorship items and reimbursement of drug test costs. Some sponsors will send product that you can sell and you can keep a portion of the profits. That, of course ,will vary from meet to meet but can offset potential losses from

Where you see XXXXX there was someone's name.
Had one guy that was away on business and flew in on the way home to help judge - covered part of his expenses. Had another ref who drove from Stockton to Napa - helped out with his gas. Another ref needed a new card. Covered that. I just want to stress that most of the spotters/table help/refs really are trying help out and support meets.

I think you can see also that meet directors running local meets aren't making the killing some people think they are. Granted, if you get 75-100 lifters the numbers change and you get to a certain level where you do make money. That can make up for the ones where you lose or just break even.

You asked about spotters - most are volunteers - lifters and friends. I feed them during the meet and afterwards, those that stay I would take over to the Pizza parlor by the gym for pizza and beer. We call that "the fun part" of putting on a meet because the rest of it kind of..... well.... it has the potential to suck. The day of the meet is usually ok - once you get past the - will the person with the key open the venue on time, will the refs and spotters all show up, will the t-shirts be done on time, will the last batch of award arrive on time because 60% of the entries were sent after the deadline from people who "just heard about the meet" the exact day of the deadline....despite you mailing them an entry and it being listed in PLUSA, the state web site and the National Web site.

You also asked why it costs you the same to "only' bench as people that do the 3 lifts. Meet directors do not get a discount on barbells, t-shirts, venues, drug tests or awards if we only use them for benching.

I can't speak for the National Office so perhaps someone else can tell you about your membership card money.

Card money isn't listed - except there is notation for a check written to USAPL for two memberships paid in cash at the meet. I keep the card money separate and it goes right to the National office.

To put on a meet, you have to pay a sanction fee of $35. It gives you the right to lose money. Kind of like if you want to be a ref, you pay for a card for the privilege of having some yahoo who has never read the rule book tell you his squat wasn't high - he's just big boned.

Postage can vary by how many entries you mail out. I generally mail out a couple of hundred. At $0.42 a stamp that is 84 dollars.This one was cheap - I only mailed out 100.

This particular meet had Powerlifting as well as a Bench Only and a Deadlift Only. With lots of weight classes and 5 year increments you will have a lot of first place awards.

I include a T-shirt with the entry fee. Some people ordered an extra or two. Spotters/Staff get a free shirt. Ditto for Sponsors.

Postage for entries 100 @ 0.42 -42.00
Meet Sanction Fee -35.00
Drug Test Fee 5 75 -375.00
USAPL Medals 71 -12.5 medals -887.50
Drinks/snacks/lunch for refs/staff/spotters -150.00
Paperwork to National Office - insured -8.30
Medals/shirt to XXXXX and absent lifters medals -16.35
Shirt/medal to XXXXX -8.00
Room/Gasoline for XXXXXX -100.00
XXXXXX USAPL Card -40.00
Gas Money for XXXXX -25.00
T-Shirts 75 at 6.6382 -497.87
Rental Chairs/Tables/PA system -353.10
Pizza Dinner for Staff -160.00
Wood/screws/bulbs/bleach bottle etc for platform -125.00
Ck to USAPL for memberships paid in cash -80.00
New Texas Power Bar -250.00
Misc Supplies - pencils, clipboards etc -33.17
Camcorder tapes -18.00

Total OUT -3204.29

Entries, Extra Shirts, Sponsorship - 3385

Total IN 3385

TOTAL Profit/Loss 180.72

Finally, I'd venture to say that most meet directors wind up turning a lot of the profit they make back to the next meet. Example, for one of my first meets, I bought a bench. We used it for 2 or 3 meets and then the rules changes so that benches had to have adjustable uprights. had to buy a new bench. Bought a Serpa bench. Shipping from Texas brought that thing to almost $1000. Ditto for squat racks and bars etc.

I know Lance and Steve have purchased multiple sets of ER and/or Combo racks and we have multiple laptops. Luckily, in California, we have all shared equipment whenever possible but I feel sorry for the guy trying to do it all alone.

I hope this helps.


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