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NAPF/IPF: listen up!

Posted By: chris calvano
Date: Tuesday, 30 October 2007, at 1:46 p.m.

Greetings: Those of you who know me are aware that we at IPF work very hard to improve and expand the sport. We are very lucky to have the high caliber of lifters representing team USA at all the World level meets. Let me bring everyone up to speed about NAPF.

World records have been set at NAPF meets, both 3 lift and BP (Heavy D's is pending), by big name lifters. When you set a WR, you are NUMBER 1, no matter if you beat one women or a hundred guys that day, you beat everyone. And North American records are also important, I am proud to have set some in the BP and look forward to more attempts. My curernt BP from Aruba puts me tied for #19 in the IPF this year - not great and sure to fall by year's end but I thank Larry and USAPL for giving me the continued opportunity to improve my lifts while representing USA abroad. It is never easy to travel to a foreign country for a meet, even if it is a "vacation spot".

NAPF is taking a lead role in developing the IPF brand of PL throughout central and south america. The doping control is very tight. Team USA had OCT for everyone before the meet. We are also using these meets to bring IPF approved equipment to new member federations, and certify new IPF referees.

Is it fun? PL is fun! Is it a vacation? If you endured the conditions we had in Dorado or Costa, you would not ask. Ribic's performance in 90+ degree heat/90% humidity may have been the most impressive PL feat I have seen. Period. Gillingham and I were heat stroking on the medal platform.

The NAPF 3 lift meet next year is also a World games qualifier, so it is no vacation. Anyone who wants to go to World Games can show up and try to qualify against the likes of Big Brad and Priscilla.

Larry and Robert Keller have put great effort into NAPF because they have vision for the future. Getting tired of Worlds boiling down to who fails the drug test? Tired of only Russia, Ukraine, USA, and Poland vying for the top spots? Want more "competition"? Then support NAPF, and we at IPF will also support the African and Asian regions as well.

We all dream of and work for Open Worlds Gold. Worlds is the top, but do not devalue regional, national, state, or local meets. It dishonors the works of those who have risen through our ranks to the top. To paraphrase a popular T-shirt, "Shut up and Lift"


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